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Zana Jaganjac

A tour around Phnom Penh

If you stop by Phnom Penh then book this tour through Phnom Penh Bicycle and if possible then ask for Sokhom to be your guide. This a really a great way to explore the city and it changed my impression completely readmore…

About the Author
Phnom Penh Bicycle is here to serve your bicycle tours needs all through in Cambodia as well as Camping and Trekking Tours. Set in best bikes quality compound, the experiences guides to take tours and adventures in Cambodia is the ideal base for riders seeking to explore Khmer cultures, traditional and the majestic ruins of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, Angkor and insight of the life of Khmer People. We ride everywhere and selected best camping sites, trekking sites in Cambodia for our guest who wish taken. We ride everything from easy rides to challenging journey across Cambodia.
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